Sophie Richard

Born in 1992 in France
Lives and works in Paris

French painter born in 1992. After her studies in Graphic Design and Plastic Expression at the ESAD in Amiens, it was during the pandemic of the last few years that she decided to devote herself to her artistic career.


Her multiple inspirations, abstract art, pictorial language or design lead her to question her visual universe. Her main quest lies in a research based on drawing and colour, and develops as an act of freedom, which finds its maximum expression with abstraction.


Her works, mainly produced in series in a meticulous process where gesture becomes essential, play with contrasts, duality and complementarity.


Despite appearances, there is no mistaking it. Although Sophie Richard's works claim an obvious simplicity, she is an artist who thinks long and hard about her own work. Her research is still in its infancy, exploring different modes of expression, but this painter with a passion for pictorial language has created her own alphabet, named "Wassily" in homage to Kandinsky.