The VARETRA is a Light-dynamic sculpture in the form of a parallelepiped, in which it is possible to introduce and combine one to three sheets of transparent plexiglass.


Each plate, called "Unitra", is screen printed by hand with various geometric patterns, according to a fixed range of colors: red, blue, black and white. Intermittent or continuous light sources, positioned at the bottom of the sculpture. They transpose and anamorphose the Unitras motifs onto the transparent screen in the foreground.


The spectator can thus combine one, two or three Unitras as desired and change the order according to his inspiration. A colorful spectacle then appears, a true symphony of variously animated images thanks to a touch contact buttom  placed on the front of the sculpture.


This anniversary Edition was designed by the artist in 1975 and produced by Atelier Cruz-Diez Paris in 2015. 




Varetra Combinatoire C

SKU: NC_001
  • Nicolas Schöffer