My name is Alejandra Jobet, I am an Industrial Designer and a ceramist in process. 

Objet is a project that arises from an intimate investigative process around the ceramics and its infinite possibilities.

Working in different design projects made me realised that I really never belonged to the design world, however I found my way when I managed to combine my profession and my love for antique porcelains. I spent several years collecting pieces that I found in antiques and travel fairs and was captivated by that translucency, brilliance and elegance of porcelain and delicate use of color, I decided to learn this precious craft. I'm self-taught since 2016.


Objet has two product lines: functional and decorative, all carefully handmade from beginning to end (including its packaging) and also all inspired by the purity, nobility and elegance of porcelain and how it appears between light and simple shapes.