Mr. Penfold

'Tim Gresham, otherwise known as the artist ‘Mr. Penfold’, works across a variety of mediums from his Bristol based studio, the city where he currently resides.

Mr Penfold's chosen fields range from explorative, abstract paintings and screen printing to bold, large scale murals and immersive installations.


His work with has been exhibited in galleries and institutions globally and he has collaborated with some of the world’s most iconic brands.


He cites skateboard graphics and Memphis style furniture, alongside the study of form and colour from artists Tom Wesselmann and pioneer Eduardo Paolozzi from the Pop Art movement, and more recent contemporary artists such as MOMO and KAWS, as some of his influences.

In 2020, EDA and Mr. Penfold collaborate on the Happy Accidents project. Penfold creates shapes and chooses colours. These elements are entered into a software program that produces random combinations. The result is 45 different prints, all numbered and signed. 

"For me Happy Accidents was a great project to work on. It allowed things to happen within my work that I would never have chosen to do. To be able to create a piece and have a computer produce variations on a theme is a really eye opening and fun experience. Of course with any project like this there will be some pieces you like more than others, but for me that is part of the beauty within this concept. Each piece is its own thing but belongs to a group."