Martha Rodríguez

 Caracas, Venezuela 1956

Lives and works in France

Venezuelan - French artist, born in Caracas 1956. After graphic studies in Caracas and Paris where she moved from graphic design to plastic arts. She currently lives in Nogent-sur-Marne at the Hameau des Artistes ”. Takes part in numerous individual and group exhibitions, shows, fairs and biennials: Venezuela, United States, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico City, Hungary, among others.

Martha Rodríguez's works of art transport us to a place where subtlety reigns, where balance, movement and life are breathed. In all her sculptures her soul can be seen. She leaves us thinking about the materials that she uses, with pieces of glass crossed by steel structures, in which there is an aesthetic conjunction and the dangerous game that the carving of it implies. There is no rose without a thorn or better, or as Simone de Beauvoir says: «Because man is transcendence, he can never imagine a paradise. Paradise is repose, denied transcendence, a state of things already given, without possible overcoming ».

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