Marcella Renna

This ceramic holds a dream.

Did you know I used to be a lawyer? Yes, but I always dreamed to express my creativity. Passion and dedication made me realize it. My dream is now the ob- ject that you kindly decided to bring to your home or to give to your loved ones.

That closed eye is not sleeping but dreaming because dreams do come true and I’m the proof. Which is yours? My ceramics will help you not forgetting it so cherish them!

After a short career as a lawyer I realized that I was a circle in a square world and I wasn't cut at all for formalities, suits and ethical compromises so I decided to follow my real passion: images and imagination.

I moved from my small southern town to Milan to study Communication and Digital Design at IED (European Institute of Design) and A.F.O.L achieving an MA in both subjects. I've been working in the fashion and graphic industry until my "encounter" with Ceramics.

While assisting an Italian artist in his collection I discovered the fantastic, dusty and colourful world of Ceramics.

I committed myself to learning as much as possible from other artisans such as Puzzo's family in Milan and continued to learn from Massimo Gentili and all the fantastic friends and artists who work at his magic ceramic studio in Pietrasanta, Tuscany. I then found myself living in one of the most exciting places in the world, London, where I've been working for three years in Petr Weigl's artist shared studio.

Today I live in Bologna where I mostly work at my "graphic ceramic" a collection of jewels and objects that mix together my graphic background and clay. My collection is built up of simple shapes and with either a very graphic black and white contrast or a bright colourful touch as in a comic strip, a digital illustration or a cartoon.