Le Morandine

Since 2009 designer Sonia Pedrazzini has dedicated herself to the Le Morandine project.

A conceptual work that, through design, reappropriates the poetics of Giorgio Morandi, to bring back to the three-dimensionality the objects that he represented in his still lifes.

Le Morandine is a collection of ceramic vases conceived and made in Italy and produced only upon order. The vases are handcrafted. Each vase bears a monogram that guarantees its originality. 

Le Morandine are appreciated throughout the world and have been placed in private homes and public spaces, in shops, concept stores, bookshops, museums, galleries, boutique hotels, resorts, restaurants, both in Italy and in countries such as: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Canada, United States, Australia,United Arab Emirates, Japan, Korea, Dominican Republic, Russia.

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