Laura Orlhiac

Born in 1989 in France

Lives and works in Nantes

In her studio, located on the western tip of the Ile de Nantes and lulled by the neighbouring, luminous and changing power of the Loire, Laura Orlhiac never ceases to imagine canvases revealing her obsession for landscape, space, light and colour. 

Driven by her research and experimentation and supported by a rigorous and deliberately long artistic process, the 2020 winner of the City of Nantes Visual Arts Prize paints the contours of a work whose obvious and natural ambition is to aim for what the young woman herself defines as "sensitive abstraction". 

The strength of her work is thus deployed in formats that are in harmony with a narrative that can be modulated and moved according to the spaces invested. 

With the 2015 graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts de Nantes/Saint-Nazaire, the canvas no longer knows borders and even less limits. 

Laura Orlhiac thus accompanies us to take the first step into these mental spaces that originate in landscapes that fade away to make way for a formal and luminous abstraction. 

The spectator is then able to tell himself his own music, his own film, his own story. 

Laura Orlhiac never imposes anything. She invites. She always invites. 


© Arnaud Benureau 

Portrait Laura Orlhiac.jpg

© Germain Herriau