I create sculptures in which one can feel three conceptually different elements at the same time: two dimensions, three dimensions and  gravity. It confused our perception of space. From the notion of painting and sculpture, I try to shift the drawing from a two-dimensional space to an illusion in a three-dimensional space.

And this raises a question of gravity. By the mixed of those three elements, I create:​ Sculptures without gravity and Sculptures in volume by drawing

Since 1999, GO SEGAWA has been developing a series entitled “Dessin/volume” (drawing/volume). The limit between two and tree dimensions, a line (drawing) goes through the real space, a heavy line (drawing), a volume with no gravity, etc. With several points of view and approaches, The artist has managed to determine this limit. He currently works on my “Dessin/volume” sculpture, for which he uses especially 3D simulation software to create a model. 


…”The three dimensions of digital space may of course be thought of as just another illusion on a screen. And until that stage of my research, I was concerned mostly with opposing systems, sculptures including two types of opposed elements: material and immaterial, weight and lightness, and so on, It is from inside of those two opposed systems that I gradually became more familiar with notions of virtual space as undetermined space, the place where perception is unsettled and therefore must be reinterpreted.”  Go SEGAWA 


*Price upon request