Fabiana Cruz

Born in 1984, Caracas, Venezuela

Lives and works between Paris and Valencia

Born in Venezuela, Fabiana Cruz began her musical education at an early age with classical training, learning the piano and singing in a choir. When she arrived in Paris at the age of 15, she self-taught guitar and percussion. 



"Music interpreted through movement: a dance. Music interpreted through poetry: a song. Music interpreted through writing : a score. How would the visual arts translate music?"


This is the question Fabiana Cruz has been asking herself for several years, especially since she discovered she was synesthete in 2011 while working on her first solo show in Los Angeles. Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon where the subject associates two or more senses from a single stimulus. Her type of synesthesia is Chromesthesia: sounds are associated with shapes, colours and movements. Fabiana uses this in her work, composing music that she translates into abstract visual animations, thus coming closer to the Visual Music artistic movement of the 1930s.


Her graphic works are static representations of her videos, but thanks to an augmented reality application, one can experience the visual music piece in its entirety. The viewer can experience synesthesia and in this way "see sounds and hear colours" as Fabiana herself says.


Fabiana Cruz has participated in major events including: 


- Nuit Blanche Paris 2018: for this occasion, she created in collaboration with the Athem workshop, a piece of visual music, inspired by Christian de Portzamparc's architecture and projected on the facade of one of his creations La Cité de la Musique in Paris.


- MiSO CHIC 2018: in 2018 the Miami Symphony Orchestra commissioned Fabiana to create three pieces of visual music. These compositions are performed by the orchestra conducted by Maestro Eduardo Marturet at the MiSO Chic event, The magic of Synesthesia. During the concert and simultaneously with the music, animations representing the melody are projected in the room where Zaha Hadid's sculpture Elastika is exhibited.