Esther Ojeda

Esther Ojeda has focused her artistic search around color and abstraction, expressing it not only in canvases but also, in this case, painting on silk. ⁠⠀

The consequences of the Duchamp era have generated movements that do not require painting or the profession of the painter to express themselves. The notion of art has taken many paths and motivations, other ways have emerged to develop an artistic discourse outside of painting. However, "the death of painting", as predicted, did not occur. There are still painters.

Esther Ojeda has remained in painting because she feels like she is painting.

 In the 70s she carried out a series of very original participatory experiences, where she showed her interest in that art should not be contemplative, but could also be integrated into life, into everyday life. This experience leads her to make foulards, scarves to be lived in, that people can wear on their bodies. These are paintings on silk where the imminently pictorial transparencies and superpositions make us forget the utilitarian interest. Esther makes us enjoy the specific pleasure of being in front of the work of a painter who is a painter.