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Enmanuel Mastroianni is a venezuelan artist and architect who researchers on deconstructing, and creating volumes and new realities. 

The technical representation of a space, a structure, an object, uses a figurative graphic language that allows us to conceive the essence and characteristics of it.

The value of these statements can be considered in the future and thus explain the dream, the sensible area of hope, revealing the essence and function of what does not yet exist. It can also deal with what is already there and then open doors, sometimes unsuspected, of its truth; Take us beyond the apparent.


This representation usually consists of a collusion of lines that respond to specific spatial approximation codes, accessible as deliveries, as well as by chapters; planes in which dissection of what is represented is carried out. Through this multiple vision the architect navigates; These windows allow him to gradually conceive and encompass the spatiality to offer it to us, after this magical journey, which will take you, from two, to three dimensions and from dream to reality.

Enmanuel Mastroianni expresses himself from the free use of these windows. He is an artist trained as an architect and this condition could outline an explanation to his speech. However, the use that he gives to these elements of technical representation of space is oriented rather to its deconstruction, that is to say, to the dismantling of these visual codes in the search for new readings, by using the views of the architectural drawing as starting points of this ceaseless Virtual Displacement, as necessary alibis for the spectator’s traffic to be verified, by the vibrant space, from A to B, intermediate points and return, of this complete visual experience.