Gladys Nistor

About the Artist


A native from Rosario, Argentina, Gladys Nistor has been working in Paris since 1990, after studying Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Rosario. Very young, she won first prize at the Rosario National Salon and her work is part of the museum's collection. This will be followed by numerous collective exhibitions in successful galleries and art centers in Buenos Aires, which reflect the prolific journey of those years spent in his home country.


Upon her arrival in Paris, Gladys Nistor is spotted at the Salon de Montrouge where she will be invited three years in a row. Very soon, she will also be solicited by the House of Latin America. In the meantime, she continues to perfect her training and obtains a Masters degree in Fine Arts in Paris. At the same time, she participates in exhibitions of international dimensions, such as "Sueños concretos" in Bogota, Colombia, or "Painting Zero Degree" at the Cranbrook Art Museum, Michigan and at the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Ohio, in the United States.


Thereafter, she will open a parenthesis in her artistic practice to get closer to the world of design. The parenthesises is now closed, and we happily we find her today in an artistic production whose intensity has been increased by these years of absence and maturation.



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