Liselott Johnsson

About the Artist

Liselott Johnsson, Swedish and American, was born in Uddevalla, Sweden, in 1967. She

lives and works in Nice, France. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and a

Master of Architecture. Johnsson’s work has been exhibited in numerous art galleries

and public architectural places in the United States and France.

Liselott Johnsson explores the notion that color and pattern can become a code or a

linguistic system. While her vibrant and striking motifs can be initially appreciated

aesthetically, her paintings come alive when decoded through her invented visual

alphabet entitled: High Modernist Color Barcode. This substitution code emerges from

the patterns of hard edge abstraction, the marine International Code of Signals, and the

High Capacity Color Barcode, a type of two-dimensional bar code developed by

Microsoft. In addition, the code integrates pictorial language of traffic signs, emergency

safety objects, and fashion.

The art works by Liselott Johnsson not only revitalize the visual language of abstract and

geometric painting, but also reveal how geometric motifs, ever-present in daily life and in

culture, acquire meaning depending on the viewer and his or her chosen code. Inviting a

unique and inspiring interaction between the artwork and its viewers, she calls attention

to what art is saying to us, and consequently, to how art contributes to our lives.


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