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Nicolas Schöffer

About the Artist

Nicolas Schöffer was born in Kalocsa, Hungary, he is a french sculptor of hungarian origins. He is one of the main representatives of the kinetic art movement, but mainly of cybernetique art; today known as interactive art. After obtaining a doctorate in Law, he took painting courses in Budapest and in 1936 moved to Paris where he lived until he passed away at the age of 80. He frequently visited l'École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts and worked at Fernand Sabatté’s Atelier. 


His research led him towards the creation of sculptures which he combined with his work related to space, light and time. In this manner he introduces the concept « lumino-dynamisme » in other words, sculptures that produce mobile luminous effects by using engines, reflectors and projectors. Later, during the sixties, he develops image instruments known as the Varetra, and then the Graphilux, such musical instruments are considered authentic artistic pedagogical tools that triggers the creativity in children. 


Schöffer is an organic artist, painter,sculptor and urbanist. He dedicated his life to the creation and the fundamental research of art.