Espace d’Art was born from our desire to create a concept store that would translate the idea of a “Boutique Gallery” without pretensions but aiming to present and create a dialogue between design objects and artworks.

A space with its own visual identity, elegant and contemporary that would be a perfect background to highlight the objects that we carefully choose from all around the world, while keeping a welcoming atmosphere. 

We wish for Espace d’Art to grow organically and become a reference thanks to your support and appreciation. Be it through our physical shop or through our online shop, we warmly welcome visitors and neophytes and hope you’ll have a good time with us.

Mariana C
Mariana T

 I studied fashion, accessory and costume design, I’m the creative director for Espace d’Art where I discover new artists and designers to propose in our space!


Creator of the concept of Espace d’Art, I’m a musician and an artist specialized in visual music, animation and mapping.

Artist and furniture designer myself, I take care of facilitating the production phase of the collaborations we make with other artists. You will also be able to see some of my creations at the shop from time to time!