In this complex world that turns very fast, sometimes too fast, we offer you an art space to take refuge in. Our small gallery has the great ambition to become a place of exchange and reflection on art, a space where to meet artists and their works, where to acquire new knowledge. We are convinced that art is the best way to communicate something about the world, and it is capable of transforming the place we inhabit.


Espace d'art offers a programme based on abstraction and colour. These two themes fascinate us for their great expressive freedom and their formal possibilities. The gallery is mainly oriented towards the distribution of contemporary works by emerging artists. Our selection is guided by our encounters with the works and with the artists. We are attentive to their approach and accompany them throughout their creative process and in the promotion of their work.


Our exhibitions are built around a concept that we wish to reflect on, and the selection of works and editions, by one or more artists, represents different facets of this subject. Throughout the exhibition we will play with different perspectives and create a dynamic scenography that will offer the visitor a unique experience every time they walk through the door.


In our understanding of art as a means of communication and sharing, we are also happy to accompany and advise you in your acquisitions, whether it is a first purchase, the building of a collection or a gift. There is a work of art for every person, capable of awakening a tremor of emotion or offering a flash of beauty.